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Mat Ninat is a director that has expert level in multicamera live television broadcasting. Over the past 15 years he has directed many live shows for one of the biggest European pay TV channels, Canal+. Directing news, sports and entertainment broadcasts, and supervising large technical crews (up to 30 technicians).

But being a musician himself, he most of all enjoys filming music concerts in big venues or on television sets like ones for Canal+, RTL2 and Fun Radio. Being a musician helps understands both points of view of people, artists in front of the camera included, directing his cameramen to position each camera in the best position to film the best of the action, and not miss anything. Making it as better as if you were actually in the venue.

Being also a photographer, Mat has a good perception and understanding of the importance of composition in each shot, and also the extreme importance of lighting.



Mat Ninat grew up in a family of photographers, starting the art of photography at the age of 9 when his mother bought him his first 35mm Nikon camera with a 50mm lens, developing his own black & white prints in the darkroom at home.

He then began to assist his step father John Carder Bush for his sister’s album photography (Kate Bush), setting up the Bowens lighting equipment in the studio, using Hasselblad and Mamiya medium format cameras.

Forging his own experience mainly doing portraits and landscape photography, he then really got into live concert photography, being a musician himself, and wanting to serve the musicians he likes best by perfectly understanding what was going on onstage, and trying to capture and immortalize that ton of emotion and energy that goes on during a performance.

He has been trained at Les Gobelins, a worldwide famous french photography and animation school.

Now, Mat works also as a television photographer, doing portraits of TV hosts, personalities and sets during live broadcasts. He also is a TV director, broadcasting many live events.

Kiss live @ Zénith Paris France. June 16th 2015. World Tour. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer. © Mat Ninat Studio | Film & TV director | Photographer | Musician



Mat Ninat is a multi-instrumentalist musician (guitar, bass, drums & vocals), inspired by hard rock, metal, blues, rock, funk & jazz-rock fusion.

He has been a musician since he was 17, and has been playing in many different bands throughout the years, playing on stage and in the studio.

He has also experience of producing audio content and mixing, as he started off his career working for television companies as a sound engineer such as Canal+, and also composing soundtracks and themes for different shows.

He is right now in the process of producing and recording his first solo album at the legendary Studios Davout, which is due to be released in 2016, with a tour in France. The band is a funk-rock-metal-blues fusion.

Mat Ninat & Pro-fusion is a hard rock funk metal band, a power trio based in Paris, France.

Mat Ninat | lead vocals & guitars
Aurélien Ouzoulias | drums
Eric Siger | bass

Here’s his latest video clip, made during the Studios Davout recording sessions, with the track “Get The Funk Out