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Mat Ninat is a TV director & producer that has expert level in multicamera live television broadcasting. Over the past 15 years he has directed many live shows for one of the biggest European pay TV channels, Canal+. Directing news, sports and entertainment broadcasts, and supervising large technical crews (up to 30 technicians).

Mat Ninat is now working as an independant, having set up his own TV production company MAT NINAT STUDIO.

But being a musician himself, he most of all enjoys filming music concerts in big venues or on television sets. This helps understand artists in front of the camera, directing his cameramen into each optimal camera positioning into order to film the best of the action, and not miss anything. Making it practically better as if you were actually in the venue.

Being also a photographer, Mat has a good perception and understanding of the importance of composition in each shot, and also the extreme importance of lighting.

Having great experience and confidence in getting the job done with excellence, and ease and ability in motivating a whole crew, Mat is proud to be able to cement everything together developing a good team spirit and sense of humour, which unsurprisingly boosts productivity and creativy, adding great value to each product.

Here is the latest Fun Radio live broadcast at the AccroHotels Arena in Paris (more details here)


Here is a 3 hour long RTL2 live broadcast for their 20th anniversary :


Here is a Canal+ live broadcast for the Juste Debout event :


Here is a Canal+ TV broadcast I directed with a great innovation : using the crane equipped with a ring light, as the main headshot cam :