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Mat Ninat | lead vocals & guitars
Aurélien Ouzoulias | drums
Pascal Mulot | bass


A funk rock power trio band based in Paris, France.

Mat Ninat Mat Ninat is a British-French multi-instrumental musician recording an album called Mat Ninat & Pro-Fusion. Album is due out before end of 2016. Live events coming up in Paris and other parts of the world.

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Album pre-production AUDIO PEAK PREVIEW (please ask authorisation for password) here

You can find our TECHNICAL RIDER here


Mat Ninat is in the process of finishing recording his first album at legendary Studios Davout in Paris, due to be released spring 2017 ! He has also just made his first video clip during the recording sessions, with the track “Get The Funk Out

A few rock star guests have just laid down some wicked tracks for the album : Norbert Nono Krief (lead guitarist from the band Trust) and Patrick Rondat (killer & legendary solo artist who’s played many years with Jean-Michel Jarre)

Mat Ninat & Pro-Fusion Norbert Nono Krief Pierre Benvenuti Mat Ninat & Pro-Fusion Norbert Nono Krief

  • TV ROCK LIVE have just published on their website a most awesome review on the band just here. They are also brewing up an review on next month’s paper edition of the rock magazine.






Mat Ninat is a multi-instrumentalist musician (guitar, bass, drums & vocals), inspired by hard rock, metal, blues, rock, funk & jazz-rock fusion.

He has been a musician since he was 17, and has been playing in many different bands throughout the years, playing on stage and in the studio.

He has also experience of producing audio content and mixing, as he started off his career working for television companies as a sound engineer, and also composing soundtracks and themes for different shows.

He is right now in the process of producing and recording his first solo album at the legendary Studios Davout, which is due to be released spring 2017, with live vents coming up in France. The band is a funk-rock-metal-blues fusion.


Photo : © Mat Ninat | Sujet : Slash | Date : 2014-11-13 | Lieu : Zénith, Paris, France.