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Mat Ninat is the official photographer and director for the legendary rock n’ roll band Trust. He has been on tour with the band for more than a year (since november 2016), photographing and filming each show, onstage and also life backstage. Mat is also the band’s community manager.

15 video web episodes have been published on the band’s social media : Facebook, Youtube, & Instagram.

The band has just released their new album Dans Le Même Sang, produced by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica,…)


Mat has just made and published these 2 official teasers using the footage he captured during the year on tour with the band. The footage has also been broadcasted on most of the major national television stations in France to announce the new album release :

The band Trust was created by Bernie Bonvoisin and Norbert Nono Krief, in 1977. They are famous for the song Antisocial that has been played by the band Anthrax since 1988 (cover of the song on their album State Of Euphoria). Metallica played the song live in Paris in 2017.

Trust and Anthrax actually jammed the song Antisocial live in Strasbourg, and Mat captured this historic moment here :

Bernie Bonvoisin (vocals)
Norbert Nono Krief (lead guitar)
Izo Diop (rhythm guitar)
David Jacob (bass)
Christian Dupuy (drums)

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